About Us


The JCCC aspires to represent a true cross-section of the children in the Jewish community of Los Angeles. Its diverse membership is comprised of children in home-schools, public schools, private Jewish day schools, and charter schools. For some of these students, the JCCC is their only connection to Jewish culture. Under the dynamic leadership and devotion of Dr. Michelle Green Willner, with over thirty years of experience in teaching choral music, the JCCC focuses on teaching children; how to read music, musicianship, how to perform professionally, and most importantly, the meaning of the Jewish texts behind the pieces and their relevance to Jewish history and culture, thereby ensuring and inspiring a new generation in the singing and understanding of Jewish choral repertoire, both old and new. In turn, the JCCC performs regularly at events throughout the city of Los Angeles, inspiring and engaging audiences both young and old, Jewish and non Jewish, religious and secular.