Our Mission

The LA Jewish Community Children’s Choir elevates a new generation of singers through a diverse repertoire; musicianship skills; social, historical and cultural awareness; and personal responsibility and enhancement. Our mission is to inspire young singers who come from diverse backgrounds to represent and appreciate their unique culture and heritage through song throughout the Los Angeles Jewish community.

The LA JCCC Purpose:

Socially—befriending children from all sectors of the Jewish community and generating tolerance and respect between them;

Educationally—teaching children how specific Jewish texts relate to their Jewish heritage;

Musically—how to read music, how to sing properly with great musicianship and how to perform professionally;

Personally—to enhance each child’s self-esteem, deportment, Jewish consciousness and responsibility of contributing to the community at large.

Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis, z”l, initiated the JCCC because he believed that “A community that sings together stays together.”

New singers are always welcome.